Directions and bus schedule from Vilnius to Europos Parkas


Now it is easy to get to Europos Parkas by direct bus no 66, from April 1st to October 31st stopping in front of the gates to the museum!

From November 1st to March 31st the bus is not stopping at the gates of Europos Parkas, so you should get off the bus at the last stop Skirgiškės and return back by road to Europos Parkas.


The bus to Europos Parkas No. 66 (marked Skirgiskes / Europos Parkas) departs from Zalgirio Stop at Kalvariju Street. This is the first stop. To get to Zalgirio (Broniaus Laurinaviciaus) Stop from downtown or the bus station take bus No. G1 towards Santariskes or bus No. 53 towards Fabijoniskes.


Please note, the Zalgirio bus stop is in the roundabound just in front of the Legendos building. It is a few steps away from the stop G1and 53 stops – on the right hand side.


It takes about 35 minutes to get to Europos Parkas gates from Kalvariju St.


Monday to Friday:       9.07    10.10    10.49    11.43    12.31    13.21    14.12    15.06    15.49    16.19    16.52    17.29

Saturday / Sunday / National holidays:    9:54    10.17    11.34    12.28    13.11    14.04    14.58    15.40    16.46    17.12


Directions and bus schedule from Europos Parkas to downtown Vilnius


At the Europos Parkas stop take the bus marked No. 66 to Zalgirio stop at Kalvariju street. This is the last stop. Cross Kalvariju and Zalgirio streets, where you can change for No. G1 or No. 53 to downtown or the bus station.


Monday to Friday:       10.57    11.41    12.30    13.20    14.15    14.59    16.01    16.39    17.09    17.40    18.19    18.55    19.47    Saturday / Sunday / National holidays:    10:45    11.08    12.22    13.14    13.57    14.50    15.47    16.31    17.32    19:48


You can also check the timetable of 66 bus on or 


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